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The first step in the process of designing your space is to get to know you and your habits as well as the design direction that is close to your character.

After the first meeting, we create a mood board based on your preferences, which serves as a base for forming the direction in which the design will go.

After you confirm the moodboard, we enter into the detailed design of the space through a 3D model.

In this phase, you will be able to see your space in chosen materials, forms and colors. We are doing our best to make 3D renders as accurately as possible in order to make the design we create for you as realistic as possible.

If you are satisfied with the design we did for your space, than we are
able to continue working on drawings for contractors and carpenters.

This is the phase where we can show you gabarites, distances between elements and chosen materials.

Once the drawings are complete, the magic can begin and the renders become reality.

This interior is a result of an interesting collaboration with clients


What we’re good at

Our greatest skill is to implement outstanding knowledge of a diverse variety of styles, aesthetics and techniques.

Our clinets may have a particular personal preference, or a trademark styling which they attempt to incorporate into their spaces, and our job is to make a perfect harmony of clients wishes and needs. A good place to begin is to understand the different modern interior styles currently on trend.

Together with our clients, we approach every task seriously in order to make ther homes, offices, restaurants or shops unique and recognizable.


Meet people who will make your dreams come true

Vladana Jovanovic

CEO, Lead interior Architect

Marija Rajic

Master Architect

Lana Banjac

Junior Interior Designer


Finished Project

Coordination and organisation are big parts of the job. There are various stages of design and construction within each project, and to ensure it runs smoothly our team takes the lead on coordinating the teams on the project. Our team wants to be sure that the concept is translated into real life taking into consideration the challenges that might occur. This phase requires team work, led by the main architect to maintain the initial concept and design idea. Our goal is to achieve an end result which is as close as possible to the concept and schematic design presented to the client.

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